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BonFire indicator example on Bitcoin 24MIN

Press Play to see how BTC reacts.  Bonfire indicator showing pressure built up behind a wedge  of collected indicators. BTC will be drawn to the low points in the advanced indicators.  If it should break  the yellow line with momentum, a price break up is probable. The more clearance between price and Safety Net (brown) and Driving Line (yellow) the better.  Try it out on different intervals 1min to 4hr is preferred.  Price is attracted to the voids and as it enters  the low points in the advanced indicators. Once the price breaks upward,  the likelihood of a continued run up is dependent on the downward trend of the Safety Net, Driving Line, etc,,

Use Bonfire Indicator for finding pivots, fractals, supports, resistance, trends, velocity, geo-charting, Gann and much more. Bonfire works great on crypto and stocks alike. Bonfire is a prediction tool like no other. 

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Access Bonfire on Tradingview for 12 months = $75.00 or $9.99 per month via PayPal subscription

  • Please include your TradingView username in PayPal messages AND/OR send a message to CaptBlackBeard on tradingview for access. 

  • To assist in faster access, please LIKE the indicator and send a message in Tradingview as well.

  • Please allow time for the access to be granted through Tradingview, as there is not an option to automate this. 

Payments made using cryptocurrency  = 12 months for $60.00 in BTC, ETH, LTC 

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BonFire indicator example on Litecoin 

Using Geo-Charting with Bonfire example: