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Gann Influence 

  If you are not familiar with W.D. Gann you owe it to yourself to read into his work. He was a master of cycles and "ahead of his time" in terms of market analysis.  The findings and accuracy of W.D. Gann have intrigued me beyond the available books and text I have read. I ask a question that no one can answer.  What would Gann do in todays market, given the technology and computational power we take for granted every day?  I vision his available resources (early part of 1900's) along with the lack of efficiency he dealt with to collect the data he needed. How he had to manually chart  the price on paper before adding his analysis. His forward thinking research included  but was not limited to; natural law, planetary alignment, scripture, numerology, and weather cycles. 


  Gann needed tools that provided consistent outputs derived from variable inputs. These are tools that followed his strict rules yet allowed for an unbiased viewpoint of a subject for today and the future.  By Gann and his most common theory, price following 45 degrees is the strongest indicator of a continuing trend. Trying to replicate the correct scaling to find 45 is difficult to say the least. Copying what Gann used in proper form seems either redundant or impossible. Redundant in the fact that you can download his Square of 9 calculator on an iphone, or copy his drawings and methods but never come close to his accuracy.  Impossible only by the fact that there is an art and a method that I believe Gann only knew of. 


  As I started using different styles and tools to build charts, I notice a void in how things function. It seemed that no mater how much I studied, I could not replicate the awesomeness I had in mind.  Soon I found myself questioning how much of this is an art and how much is a science.  I still don't know the answer to that question but I do know that reducing variables adds consistency and usability.  My background in data lead me to analyze the variables and develop a core set of rules to add more constants. I'm a big believer in having base data to find patterns. Even more so, I love future trendlines and indicators that are not lagging. The key is to stay a step ahead not behind.   


  The squaring portion of Bonfire was built using my unique math along with select components from Gann's work but also includes Fibonacci math. There are many ways to use the squaring feature but in it's most simple form, it's the fastest and most unbiased way to find the coveted 45 degrees that comes so natural to us in life.  Once you see how natural the price looks after squaring (properly), you will see things from a different perspective. At this point you will be able to combine the additional indicator ( non-squaring) features of Bonfire to get accurate reads and forecasts. 

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